Friday, February 22, 2013

Battlefield 3 End Game maps revealed

DICE has revealed the 4 maps featured in Battlefield 3 End Game — the final BF3 DLC. The four maps are very diverse, raging from snow covered Sabalan Pipeline, to forested Kaisar Railroad, to the deserts of Nebandan Flats. All four of the new maps support the new modes, “Air Superiority” and “Capture The Flag”. In addition the maps support a variety of the old Conquest and Rush game modes. Check out the full map details from DICE after the break.

Kiasar Railroad
Map description: “This picturesque summer logging industry setting sees a strategic railway stretch across the map – with covert weapons deliveries being its main purpose. The many height changes in this undulating landscape can be used to your advantage – There’s plenty of opportunity to hide from the enemy and use cover as you approach your targets.”

Nebandan Flats

Map description: “In this arid desert dotted with gigantic wind generators lies a seemingly non-distinguishing warehouse. But behind its unassuming exterior hides a secret weapons and munitions depot, leading to a clash in the area. The relative openness of the desert setting allows for full freedom of movement for the entire range of vehicles at disposal in Battlefield 3 multiplayer. The low amount of natural cover available also demands quick transportation between capture points, as players are otherwise open to attack.”

Operation Riverside

Map description: “This fall themed map houses an electric power substation at its center, with a small river flowing along its axis. The layout of the bases in Operation Riverside caters somewhat towards infantry action rather than all-out vehicle warfare. It’s generally speaking an infantry-friendly landscape where soldiers can go by foot between the bases, while ground vehicles need to take more roundabout roads to traverse the environment.”

Salaban Pipeline

Map description: “Similar to Operation Riverside, Sabalan Pipeline was built to cater for a mix of vehicle and infantry gameplay. Compared to the other three maps in End Game, Sabalan Pipeline has fewer and narrower roads that are important to control if you want to dominate the opposition. At the center of this map lies a central base that is also an essential asset, as it allows you extended control over the road leading to and from your main bases. This is equally important whether playing the signature Battlefield Conquest mode or our take on Capture the Flag that we are introducing in End Game.”


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