Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Battlefield 3 patch now available on PlayStation 3

As promised, the Battlefield 3 patch is now available to download for PlayStation 3 owners. The patch, version 1.04, is quite big, weighing in at 1080 MB. In addition to all the fixes we previously reported, the new patch also includes updates to the Wake Island map, which now supports 5 flags.
The new update also introduces the server rental program for consoles, where servers can be rented for 1 day and up to 90 days. Here are the current console server prices:
1 day: $1.49
7 days: $6.99
30 days: $24.99
90 days: $64.99
Game servers are in limited availability at the moment, and according to sources, they’re already sold out.
Shortcut items
Another new “feature” called Shortcut Items is being rolled out with the new patch. It gives players the ability to purchase all unlocks for each class or vehicle, instead of having to play through to unlock everything. There are 3 shortcut bundles: Kit Shortcut Bundle which unlocks everything for all classes. Vehicle Shortcut Bundle which unlocks everything for all vehicles, and Ultimate Bundle,which unlocks everything.
For more details on the patch, check out the full change log.


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