Saturday, March 31, 2012

Battlefield 3 User Interface was outsourced

If you had problems with the Battlefield 3 user interface, well, you’re not alone. The massive waste of space on the PC version indicates that the UI is primarily designed for consoles. Not to mention the odd design choices and complete lack of intuitive controls. We wondered many times how DICE could make such a bad UI for a game, and now we know how: they didn’t. They outsourced the UI design to a company that doesn’t make games — they make flashy animations and such.
If you want someone to blame for the horrendous UI, blame the guys from “River”, a digital agency that specializes in user interface design, Flash, and stuff like that. Watch the video above and hear them brag on about Battlefield 3′s user interface.
UPDATE: Apparently the backlash over the video was so great and it received so many downvotes on YouTube (90% thumbs down), that River has removed it. The video was meant to showcase their work and process, but turned out to embarrass them more than anything else.


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